New and Tasty


Several mini-games with Mario and company


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New and Tasty is a collection of mini-games starring the characters from Super Mario Bros, in which you have to carry out different activities and get the highest score possible.

The missions you can do are varied and fun. In one of them, for instance, you have to control Wario and try to make him race right to the border of a cliff, without falling.

In a different one, you have to try to jump as many consecutive times as you can on top of the Goombas, which pop out of pipes nonstop.

In total the game has 12 trials, although only the first eight are unlocked from the beginning. The other four have to be unlocked by getting a good score in the first ones.

New and Tasty is a collection of fun mini-games, ideal to enjoy with friends. As usual, it's not at the level of Wario Ware and similar titles, but it's still fun.
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